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Victoria Dayneko tattoo

There are four tattoos on the star’s body. Victoria Daineko applied her first tattoo in memory of her departed love. For a long time, the winner of the “Factory” could not decide on her own which tattoo to choose. A tattoo artist came to her aid, who became the author of the drawing in the form of an inscription Enjoy Every Moment… Despite the reason for the application, the tattoo encourages you to appreciate every moment of your life.

It is not by chance that the place for the drawing was chosen – the back of the neck. This is symbolic of love that is gone, that is worth leaving behind, in its past. Also, the location of the picture closer to the head, according to the actress, will focus the brain’s attention on the essence of this saying.

Victoria Daineko tattoo on the back of the neck with the inscription appreciate every moment

Victoria’s second tattoo appeared as a result of a bet with her close friend Artem Perminov. Friends argued that if Deineko wins the “Factory. Return “, then she will tattoo herself. Victoria did not believe that she could win it a second time, the poet easily agreed. As a result, the singer got a second one under the first tattoo, in the form of the letter “V”. According to the actress, this is not only a symbol of her name, but also a reflection of her life credo: Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici – “By the power of truth during my lifetime, I conquered the Universe”.

Victoria Dayneko tattoo on the back of the neck with the image of the letter V

Victoria Dayneko’s third tattoo is under the heart. It was made in memory of London, where the star spent her Christmas holidays in 2013. The inscription is also endowed with a philosophical meaning: Aut Viam Inveniam, Aut Faciam – “Either I will find a road, or I will build it myself.” According to the singer, this tattoo helped her get ready to record her first English-language album in the capital of Great Britain.

Victoria Daineko's tattoo with an inscription under the heart, or I will find a way or I will lay it myself

Victoria Daineko was not limited to three tattoos. For the fourth time, the tattoo artist put two letters “A” and “P” on the star on the left wrist, which are intertwined with each other. The star does not explain the meaning of the tattoo. At the same time, some fans saw in the picture the letters “A” and “B”, which are the initials of the singer’s ex-boyfriend, Alexei Vorobyov.

Victoria Daineko tattoo on the left wrist with the letters A and P

It should be noted that Victoria Daineko is thinking of combining two tattoos, as evidenced by the entries on her Twitter. Perhaps the time has come for a star when their meaning is no longer relevant and relevant to her.

Victoria Daineko's tattoo with the tattoo artist

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