Visual scent or scent tattoo: innovation rocked the world of perfumery

In May 2018, a novelty appeared in the perfumery world. A visual scent or scent tattoo was created by one of the Israeli companies and combines three things: scent, makeup and tattoo, says

What does visual flavor mean?

It’s very simple: the perfume is applied to the skin in the form of a temporary tattoo using the ink that is in the bottle. You can create absolutely any pattern with them that sticks to the body and retains its scent for 12 hours. It is also noted that the ink does not cause allergic reactions and is moisture resistant.

Photo: amkiri

The drawing is very convenient to apply with a specially designed applicator, and the color and aroma of the ink can be selected.

A new perfume was invented in the Israeli company Amkiri: the creators were the designer Shoval Shavit, the entrepreneur David Chissik and the chemist Aliz Shavit. The know-how idea belongs to Shoval Shavit, who personally wanted to develop a product for himself that would combine aroma, makeup and tattoo in one tool.

Photo: amkiri

The innovation has already attracted the attention of the world’s giants and invited the company to join forces in promoting the visual scent. In our area, the novelty is not yet available, but let’s hope that we can also apply a beautiful mehendi with a delicate aroma for the beach season.

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