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What does the 1703 tattoo on Oksimiron’s neck mean?

A tattoo for a man, and even more so for a rapper, is not just a decoration or a way to attract attention. Most often, behind each new pattern on the body there is some kind of innermost meaning. This explains the excitement around the mysterious tattoo of the popular rapper Oxxxymiron. The numbers 1703, which appeared on his neck relatively recently, caused a heated discussion among the fans of the performer. Let’s figure out what’s what.

Beautiful tattoo 1703 Oksimiron on the neck

Vesrus Battle and 1703

For the first time, Oxxxymiron fans saw a new tattoo on their idol’s neck during the Vesrus Battle with Johnyboy in April 2015.

Actually, for reference, what is Vesrus Battle? This is an internet show featuring rapper battles taking place at different venues. The show is quite popular on Runet. That very battle (mentioned just above) was the first in the third season of the show. Then Oxxxymiron confidently won – all the judges voted for him. In just a day, this battle scored over a million views, which became a record for the show.

This battle, by the way, took place in a bar called “1703”… During his speech, the rapper tore off the plaster from his neck and showed everyone a fresh tattoo with numbers. At the same time, the performer read the phrase: “You can take me out of 1703, but not 1703 out of me.” A logical question: is it all about the bar where the battle took place? Definitely not. Everything is somewhat more serious.

Stylish tattoo 1703 Oksimiron on a man's neck

The meaning of tattoo 1703

Fans of rapper Miron know very well that their idol comes from St. Petersburg. Date of foundation of the city – 1703. This is the main answer to the rapper’s tattoo. Having stuffed these figures on his neck, Miron Fedorovich emphasized his origin. And he did it for a reason.

Although Miron was born in Russia, he spent all his childhood and youth abroad. At first, he lived with his parents in Germany, where he first tried to rap. By the way, bad relations with classmates pushed the popular rapper to this occupation. About this he later wrote the song “The Last Call”, which today is considered one of his most famous compositions.

Later, Miron’s family moved to London. He graduated excellently from high school and entered Oxford, which (on the second try) graduated with a degree in Medieval English Literature. Despite the foreign past, the roots still take their toll. Today Oksimiron is one of the most famous Russian-speaking rappers. And the new tattoo on the performer’s neck only once again shows how much the rapper is nostalgic for his homeland.

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