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What kind of tattoos does Elena Flying have?

Elena Letuchaya gained fame and popularity thanks to the scandalous project “Revizorro”. The program is broadcast on the Friday channel. The TV presenter travels throughout Russia, exposing the shortcomings of the restaurant and hotel business. Fans of the program and Elena Flying have long been wondering what kind of tattoos she has.

Fans of TV stars are trying to study the life of their favorites under a microscope. Images on the body are also not ignored. Elena Flying has many photos in a swimsuit, but no large-scale tattoos were noticed. But more than once small images flashed in the frame, after which the Internet was full of questions about what tattoos the unique Elena Letuchaya has.

    1. On the right wrist of Elena Letuchaya there is a small neat tattoo in the form of the Ostankino TV tower. Some saw an arrow in the image. Ostankino is of great importance in the life of a TV presenter. It was here that she received her basic skills; this place is associated with her activities, her creative successes. Everyone will see in the photo Elena Flying’s tattoo on the wrist something of their own, but most importantly, what value it carries for the owner.

Tattoo on the wrist of Elena Letuchaya

    1. On the other wrist there is an image of two small flying birds. The birds symbolize the desire for freedom and independence, a creative nature. The symbolism of Elena Flying’s tattoo on her arm is directly related to the peculiarities of her character and creative activity.

Birds tattooed by Elena Flying

    1. The photo shows another miniature tattoo of Elena Flying on her hand on the middle finger of her left hand. The beautifully painted word “Love” brings love and optimism to life.

Tattoo on the middle finger of Elena Letuchaya

All tattoos by Elena Flying once again emphasize the good taste, sense of style and elegance of a celebrity. Lovely illustrations speak of Lena’s modest and cheerful character.

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