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What tattoos does Laysan Utyasheva have?

The world champion in rhythmic gymnastics, a popular TV presenter, a good wife and a beautiful woman, Laysan Utyasheva does not like to devote strangers to her personal life. She believes that the personal must remain within. Her fans are interested to know what tattoos Laysan Utyasheva has and what they mean.

Images on the body help to learn a lot about its owner, about his values. The gymnast put a deep individual meaning in each illustration.

    • The tattoo on the right hand is dedicated to faith in God. According to Laysan, every religion is worthy of respect. She accepts and carefully studies all directions, not giving preference to any one. The image was made on the right wrist, with this hand we greet people. Stretching it out in greeting, the gymnast accepts a person regardless of his religion. For her, the main thing is to have respect for faith, God and everything connected with it. And it doesn’t matter in what language a person reads a prayer. Laysan Utyasheva’s tattoo on her wrist serves as a symbol of unity, love for the whole world, for life. The TV presenter takes the best from every religion. She equally studies Islam, Christianity and Buddhism and does not alienate other faiths.

Laysan Utyasheva's tattoo on her wrist is a symbol of unity

    • Laysan Utyasheva has a tattoo of the word “Success” on her neck (translated into Russian “Success”). At a young age, the gymnast was very superstitious and put a lot of meaning into words. At the age of 10, the girl Rebecca gave her a perfume with such a name so that they would accompany her through life and bring good luck and success. Shortly before she learned of the injury, this bottle shattered. Having become an adult, Laysan Utyasheva persuaded her mother to allow her to get a tattoo so that luck would never leave her. Now the presenter’s views have changed, and the inscription serves as a reminder from the past.

Tattoo on the back of Laysan Utyasheva with the word success

    • Laysan Utyasheva’s tattoo on her stomach is designed to protect her children from the evil eye. Made secretly from my mother at the age of 16, it serves as her amulet and talisman. The image contains an eye with wings.

Tattoo on the stomach of Laysan Utyasheva

    • Laysan Utyasheva’s tattoo on the left wrist is made in the form of a black panther. It is this representative of the feline family that is the favorite animal of the gymnast. She symbolizes grace, flexibility, caution, qualities that are characteristic of a TV presenter. And even in the green color of his eyes, Laysan sees himself.

Tattoo on the wrist of Laysan Utyasheva with a black panther

In her mind, the champion hatched ideas to make more tattoos, for example, with the names of the children. But now she refused this, as she made a promise to her mother, who does not share a love for body images. Laysan decided to keep her promise and refused new tattoos.

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