Why Cristiano Ronaldo has no tattoos: the footballer’s position is worthy of respect

The fact is that Cristiano has been an active blood donor for many years and has no right to “poison” his body with the ink used to apply tattoo, reports

There are strict rules for donors, and one of them says that they cannot donate blood for 4-6 months after any, even a tiny, tattoo has appeared on their body.

Cristiano Ronaldo as we never knew him

The captain of the Portuguese national team has kept his body in top condition for many years. For a long time he began to donate blood and does it regularly, explaining donation by the desire to help people in emergency situations.

“That is why I donate my blood with great enthusiasm, constantly speaking in interviews and at public events about the importance of donation and urging people around the world to join this noble cause to help save many lives,” the footballer says.

Ronaldo donated bone marrow to his teammate’s son

“When the son of my teammate in Portugal, Carlos Martins, fell seriously ill, I and the other team members willingly donated bone marrow to help the guy get out. Most people consider the donation of bone marrow something very sick and harmful for the donor himself, but this is not at all the case, during the donation I felt the same as during the blood transfusion, it doesn’t hurt at all, ”Cristiano said in an interview with the radio station.

“My comrades and I donated part of our bone marrow a few years ago, but if I had to do it again, I would not hesitate to do it, because this is a very serious disease for many children and we have to help them,” said the captain of the Portuguese national team. on football.

Undoubtedly, such a position in life deserves great respect! Ronaldo has become a real hero in the eyes of many of his fans!

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Photo: Instagram @cristiano

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