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The famous Hollywood actor Vin Diesel is familiar to everyone from colorful and exciting films. In most cases, his characters are brutal men, pumped up and with tattoos. However, in life, the actor has a negative attitude towards images on the body. He believes that any symbols, drawings can affect fate and change it, therefore all his tattoos are made solely for the sake of filming and they are temporary.

The connection between cinema and tattoo

The “bad guys” played by Vin Diesel have tattoos that are often meaningful. Here are some examples from his career.

In the film “XXX”, the actor played the main role of a guy who is fond of extreme sports, unnerving the law enforcement agencies. Especially for this motion picture, a tattoo of the same name was made on the neck. She is the symbol of the extreme sports champion.

Vin Diesel tattoo on neck with XXX letters in red

In addition to her, the actor’s body was decorated with paintings on both arms and shoulders.

Vin Diesel tattoo on hands with paintings

For the film “Babylon of Our Days” Vin Diesel also got several tattoos. In addition to the painted hands, he has the inscription “ELEPHANT” on the fingers, reckoning him with certain prisoners.

Vin Diesel's tattoo with an elephant on his fingers

On the back there is a large-scale scarab in the Egyptian style, denoting the right to decide the fate of people.

Vin Diesel tattoo on the back with the image of a scarab in the Egyptian style

A circle with three figures in it can be seen on the neck. It symbolizes the triple pact between humans and the ancients. Such a symbol protects the wearer from dark forces and magical influences.

Vin Diesel tattoo with the image of the Star of David on the shoulder

“Bouncer” – in this film, the main character has a tattoo associated with his nationality. On Vin’s shoulder is the Star of David, a mark depicted on the flag of Israel. It looks like two triangles, with vertices in opposite directions, superimposed on each other.

The actor trusts his body for tattoos to Christian Kinsley, who uses the technology of application with the help of water, which allows not to injure the skin. In total, the actor wore more than 20 images.

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