Yegor Creed is almost like Timati: the singer showed a body covered with tattoos


The popular Russian performer under the strict guidance of Black Star Inc and Timati personally Yegor Creed changes day by day, and not only in musical directions, but also externally. Very little is left of that sweet blonde blond who sang about love to millions of his fans, writes

Yegor Creed showed a body covered with tattoos

In his microblog on Instagram, singer Yegor Creed shared a new photo. Handsome man on white sheets and under a white blanket resting after a hard day’s work or before such. But completely different details caught the attention of fans.

First of all, it is, of course, the body of the performer. It is almost completely covered with tattoos. Against the background of white bedding, this is especially striking, as well as the black beard that Yegor got. And yes, the fans immediately noticed that their idol was becoming the “second Timati”. But not only that …

The most “big-eyed” and attentive fans noticed that there are two pillows, and next to Creed, the blanket is located in such a way that it seems that someone is lying under it … The singer did not answer the surprised questions, but other followers answered for him, writing that this is an illusion, just the blanket is so crumpled.

The first steps to popularity and great success of Yegor Creed

From a young age, Yegor Creed was fond of hip-hop. The audience was able to appreciate the guy’s creative talent when in 2011 the young performer published a video clip for the song “Love on the Web” on the Internet, which he recorded and shot on his own.

A year later, Creed became the winner of the Vkontakte Star – Channel Five competition as the Best Hip-Hop Project. In the same 2012, Yegor performed his single “Inspiration” in the famous concert hall “Oktyabrsky” (St. Petersburg). And already in April 2012, Creed signed a contract with the production center Black Star Inc.

Recently, Yegor Creed told his fans about grievances from the past. At the dawn of his career, the performer tried to become a participant in Alla Pugacheva’s show “Factor A”, but he failed to pass the selection.

Photo source: Instagram: egorkreed

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