Yegor Creed’s tattoos: the image of which legendary artist is stuffed on the singer’s body

The famous Russian performer Yegor Creed, like many of his stage colleagues, has his idol. As the singer himself said, the image of this legendary performer is imprinted on his body in the form of a tattoo, writes //

Yegor Creed’s tattoos: the image of which legendary artist is stuffed on the singer’s body

In his microblog on Instagram, Yegor Creed said that his only idol, whose memory day coincides with Yegor’s birthday, is Michael Jackson. The star also shared that there is only one tattoo depicting artists on his body, and it is the image of the pop king that adorns Creed’s left forearm.

On the left hand of Yegor Creed there is a magnificent silhouette of Michael Jackson. The pop idol of all time is depicted wearing gloves and his famous hat.

We will remind, the king of pop music Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 exactly. This year marks exactly 9 years since the death of a celebrity.

At the same time, June 25, Yegor Creed celebrates his birthday. Perhaps there is some kind of symbolism in the coincidence of dates. Whatever it was, but it is Michael Jackson who is the artist who is equal to the audience’s favorite Yegor Creed, whose songs often lead in all kinds of charts.

Among the fans of Yegor Creed there are a lot of fans of Michael Jackson

Fans of Yegor Creed supported their favorite artist, many of them left their comments regarding the attitude to the personality of Michael Jackson and to his inimitable work.

“One Michael Jackson had songs from which one could rejoice and cry, Michael Jackson is a LEGEND, THIS IS A KING HE deserves respect and he is just a person about whom there should be an eternal MEMORY !!!!,“ This is the Best, Gorgeous singer of all time ) I love him) and I love) “,” The only person who remembers this day. The day when Pop Karol died. “

Recall that on the day of the ninth anniversary of the death of the legend, the bodyguard said that Michael Jackson suffered from persecution mania before his death. The king of pop believed that they wanted to kill him.

Photo source: Instagram: egorkreed

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