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Zhanna Friske’s tattoos

Many celebrities like to adorn their bodies with more than just jewelry. Tattoos are gaining more and more popularity every year. They allow you to emphasize individuality and convey a special meaning in the drawings on the body. One of these Russian pop stars is Zhanna Friske, whose tattoos attract the attention of many of her fans.

Zhanna was a very bright and beautiful girl, more than once recognized as the sex symbols of Russia. There were many drawings on her body that many did not even know about. One of the most striking and memorable was the tattoo of Zhanna Friske on the lower back in the form shell with pearlZhanna Friske's tattoo on the lower back with the image of a shell with a pearl

According to the singer, the drawing on the lower back means happiness. However, the piquancy of the tattoo also speaks of the impact on sex life. Images in such places look very impressive and can affect a person’s aura, giving them confidence and attractiveness to the opposite sex. Everyone who sees Zhanna Friske’s tattoo on the lower back thinks about the mysterious meaning of the image and involuntarily notices the piquancy of its location.

No less noticeable tattoo on Zhanna Friske’s body is a lizard located on the singer’s ankle.

Zhanna Friske tattoo on ankle with a picture of a lizard

This was the second drawing she made after the shell. In many cultures, lizard means cunning. However, it can be deciphered as speed or sacrifice. However, it is believed that Jeanne got this tattoo without hints of character traits. She just liked the drawing.

All Zhanna Friske’s tattoos, photos of which are easy to find on the Internet, she gladly showed to others. She loved the images on her body so much that she wanted to share her joy with those around her. Later it was possible to notice an uncharacteristically large tattoo on the shoulder for the singer. It featured a girl who looked like Snow White from the Disney films. Nothing is known about its meaning.

Zhanna Friske's tattoo on the shoulder with the image of Snow White

Also on the body of Jeanne there were Egyptian symbols. They were located on the shoulder blade. Unfortunately, their singer did not show off, and neither did the flowers in the lower right abdomen.

The symbols were displayed on top of two amulets and meant the triumph of all living things. Orchid-shaped flowers in most cultures are a symbol of femininity, chrysanthemums are a symbol of our heavenly body. It was they who adorned Jeanne’s belly.

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