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Dog tattoo meaning

Values: loyalty, courage, courage, amulet, devotion

The first thing a dog symbolizes is loyalty, sincerity, dedication, vigilance, courage, attentiveness and, of course, courage… Not every tattoo has such a long list! To some extent, a dog can be positioned as the opposite of a wolf, but the fact is that something unites them – inner strength and determination

For tattooing these animals, men are more often chosen, since a dog tattoo has a meaning more suitable for their character. Preference is given to tattoos with dogs that look realistic or have a somewhat demonic image, so formidable and terrifying.

The dog has always accompanied a person, so this was reflected in its symbolism. Even at the time when the dog was on the side of the dark gods and powers, he still remained a devoted faithful guide and reliable guard. Many peoples worship the dog as an ancestor who gave people fire and taught them to use it. Therefore, often a tattoo with a dog means protection, amulet from evil spirits and hostile forces… Sometimes dogs were associated with war, accompanying the gods of war. In those days they meant military valor, courage, courage, bravery, and, again, loyalty.

The meaning of the dog tattoo is also revealed in its demonic image. This usually means guardian of the boundaries of two worlds… Dark symbolism refers to black dogs, this means curse, death, witchcraft and devilish powers… But due to the fact that the image of a dog still often reflects a companion, it is impossible to attribute a dog only to dark or only light forces, because it is just a friend on the path of its owner.

The ancient Slavs had a belief that a dog has the gift of foreseeing events and future ones. According to legend, the sun god could become a winged dog, so our ancestors treated such animals very respectfully.

Tattoo with a picture of a dog means strong amulet… But such a tattoo is not very suitable for secretive, uncommunicative loners, selfish and withdrawn people. A tattoo with a dog is worthy to be applied only by someone who is always open, trusting, shows trust and is loyal to his loved ones. Each breed of dog can mean something specific, and the way it is depicted is also very important, as for the place on the body, this does not play a big role. The main thing is what you put into the meaning of your dog tattoo, but remember to choose carefully.

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