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The meaning of a leopard tattoo

Values: agility, beauty, luck, wealth, swiftness, animals

The leopard is an incredible animal, fast, agile and simply beautiful. That is why today the leopard is associated with speed, swiftness, royal majesty and wealth… In addition, leopard print has already become a part of the popular colors of modern glamor and fashion. However, leopard skins were popular even with ancient African shamans and other ancient heroes.

There was a belief that a person who defeated a leopard immediately rises higher in level in the eyes of others and gains power over ordinary people. This is what explains the fact that various rulers, leaders and persons of royal blood adorned themselves with the skin of a leopard. At that time, the spots on the skin of this animal meant eyes, which, as it were, also hinted at the vigilance of the leader and strong control over his subordinates.

Same leopard symbolizes courage, aggression, ferocity, fearlessness, belligerence etc. Such values ​​can be found among all peoples. In addition, in African tribes, the leopard was generally a sacred animal, so its image was used by shamans to establish a connection with the gods, the leopard even saw off the rulers on their last journey.

By the way, the Egyptians considered the leopard as a guide to the afterlife, it was recognized as an attribute of Osiris – the god of rebirth and the kingdom of the dead. In Christianity leopard means sinfulness and acts as an accomplice of the devil… But despite all this broad description of the various options for a leopard tattoo and its meaning, it is very popular today.

It is fashionable, stylish, beautiful and sophisticated to have such a noble pattern on your body. Most often, these tattoos are done in Western culture. But the leopard tattoo will take the value of the amulet only in the case when a person is independent, easily adapts to the environment and conditions, achieves his goals, is swift in decisions and generally knows what he needs from life.

By nature, the leopard is a loner, so a person can be a little selfish, perhaps cruel, but this is not a hindrance to decorate your body with a leopard tattoo. As for the black leopard, sometimes called the black panther, then this option also takes place in the tattoo culture. Such a symbol is considered somewhat more aggressive and has a number of other meanings. But it’s hard not to agree that a tattoo with a spotted and eye-pleasing leopard looks much more beautiful.

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