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Poppy tattoo meaning

Values: beauty, death, youth, sleep, nature

Everyone knows that flowers are such tattoos that carry a deep meaning. All tattoos with flowers and their meanings are rooted in the past, even in ancient cultures. It is generally accepted that a tattoo with a flower, for example, a poppy, is a purely female symbol, but this is far from the case.

Let’s move on to the meaning of the poppy tattoo. Poppy tattoo is inextricably linked with sleep or death.… And already these two concepts are closely related, for example, lethargic sleep is very often a duplicate meaning of death, because they are practically indistinguishable. This is all very mysterious and people have been working on solving these secrets for more than one century.

Poppy is an amazing ancient symbol, which was used to decorate sacred utensils and temples by whole nations. These peoples existed long before such great civilizations as Rome and others. For example, the ancient Egyptians used poppy as a sleeping pill, more precisely, a drug that was made from its seeds. As for the narcotic properties of this flower, then they did not know about it yet, but nevertheless, the poppy was already then a symbol of sleep and death and endless oblivion

There is another meaning of the poppy tattoo – truth… Ancient Greek girls on poppies wondered on the topic of love, namely, how much their lovers were faithful to them. There was even a special name – the flower Dilephilon, that is, a love spy. In Catholicism, churches are decorated with poppy seeds. And on the day of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, there is also an internal cathedral utensil.

In Great Britain, the poppy symbolism is very relevant during the celebration of the day of remembrance for those who died in World War II, everyone attaches a poppy flower or an icon with it to his chest, since poppy also means token of remembrance… Thus, a tattoo with a poppy receives another meaning associated with the memory of something, that is, in some sense it can be attributed to army tattoos.

A close connection with death and poppy is observed among the ancient Etruscans. They sewed clothes using poppy, and the clothes were intended for the god of the underworld. Thus, the demon was in a red cloak, it is possible that it was from here that the tradition of depicting underground characters in scarlet or red clothes came from. Poppy had a good value in Russia. Poppy was a symbol of beauty and youth, which, like a dream, entangles completely and completely, because it is so beautiful.

The ancient Greeks even drew a line of similarity between the poppy and the human head, so poppy heads were given as a sacrifice during sacrifices, not human ones.

Thus, it turns out that poppy symbolizes sleep, death, night and nature… What value you put into a poppy tattoo depends only on you, because it is possible that you just like this flower and want to depict it on your body, without investing anything in it except your personal sympathy.

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