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Carp tattoo meaning

Values: strength, fearlessness, courage, courage, perseverance

In the modern world, carp fish is well known as an ornamental animal for aquariums, and is drawn in a tattoo, most often surrounded by the elements of water or some symbols of Asia. Because the tattoo of this mysterious fish came to us from ancient Japanese culture. Once the carp was an ordinary, gray river fish, and hid from the eyes of people in the muddy places of rivers and algae. But today this species of fish has diversified and developed so much that the once gray fish has become like floating gems. Not without the help of selection, today carp has incredible coloring, shining and shimmering in the sun. Therefore, carp has become a well-known symbol of Asia along with sakura and lotus.

The main meaning of a carp tattoo is luck.… But its interpretation can be conditionally divided into two types: the first has its source in Japanese culture, the second – in Chinese.

The Japanese revered carp as a purely male symbol; flags with the image of carp were hung on the house when a boy was born in it. But after that he became a symbol of joyful life and family well-being.: black carp is a symbol of a father, a fiery red carp is a symbol of a mother, white or blue is a symbol of a boy-son, a pink carp is a sign of a daughter.

In nature, the life of carps is a constant struggle, they all the time have to struggle with the flow of rivers, overcoming kilometers in search of food or places to reproduce. That’s why carp tattoo meaning often interpreted as a symbol of struggle and incredible willpower, a symbol of survival and the desire to live. Such a tattoo is suitable for very purposeful people who are able to fight all obstacles on the way to their sacred goal. Carp has become a symbol of those who change reality, those who themselves build their own destiny and change circumstances themselves, can also be a sign of courage and victory in the fight against difficulties.

In China, Koi (Karp) has a special meaning. He is considered the king of all fish on earth, therefore embodies absolute power and superiority over all others… It is also called a dragon fish, because the legend says that every carp that can climb the Yellow River up to the Dragon’s Gate itself will also be turned into a dragon. Therefore, carp is a symbol of inspiration for people striving for particularly difficult and ambitious goals. This tattoo gives its owner a blessing, it is believed that the more carp on the body, the more luck it brings.

Carp is a symbol of independence of mind and body, it stimulates to achieve success, no matter what. In general, in the Buddhist religion, carp has become a symbol of fearlessness and courage, and its longevity is also admired in the East.

If you are not afraid of difficulties in life and want to live always in motion, a carp tattoo is what you need.

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