Elena Yakovleva with her son: netizens did not appreciate the tattoo on the face of Denis Shalnykh

Famous Russian TV presenter, theater, film and television actress, Elena Yakovleva shared a picture with her son Denis in her microblog. The proud mother decided to show off her joy, but came across a generous portion of criticism, shares.

Denis Shalny with mom

Not all children of famous parents follow in their footsteps and also achieve incredible success. Some people choose their own path and this is not always liked by the public. This is a kind of reverse side of public life. So did the son of Elena Yakovleva.

Having tried himself in acting, the young man eventually realized that this was not at all what he wanted to devote his life to. Bodybuilding and tattoos became his real passion. And this is noticeable with the naked eye.

Denis “scored” a fairly large area of ​​his body and even part of his face with tattoos. But not all fans of Elena Yakovleva accept such a hobby of her son. They can’t believe that such a restrained mother, the son chose a freer and more relaxed lifestyle.

“How can you disfigure yourself so stupidly !!! I don’t understand the family is good, they missed something in education !!! Very sorry!!!” (The spelling and paragraphs of the authors are preserved, ed.) – followers criticize.

Fans of the actress began to defend Elena Yakovleva and her son. They write that everyone chooses what to do with their appearance. And some even say that Denis realized his mistake and is going to remove tattoos on his face.

“Wow, what a hero!”, “Helen, you are beautiful and your son is cool !!! Mother’s love is irreplaceable “,” Sonulya handsome, the look is just super “,” Good guy. This tattoo was of age and search for yourself “!!!” (The spelling and paragraphs of the authors are preserved, ed. Note).

We remind you that Elena Yakovleva gave birth to Denis from her second husband, actor Valery Shalnykh. Before the couple officially formalized the relationship, they lived together for several years in a de facto marriage.

Face tattoos Denis not the only one that somewhat confused netizens. Previously, they were amazed at the guy’s change, he made his entire hand black. But the eminent mother does not condemn her beloved son, but, on the contrary, supports everything.

Main photo: Instagram @elena_yakovleva_official

Photo: Instagram @elena_yakovleva_official

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