Elena Yakovleva with her son: on the web they are discussing a photo of a guy with a non-standard appearance

In the photographs that fans of the popular actress Elena Yakovleva posted on the Instagram social network, she hugs a guy with a non-standard appearance – her son. The images divided the admirers of the artist into opposite camps, says

Photo of Yakovleva with her son

In the joint photos of Yakovleva with Denis, the fact is striking that the guy’s body is almost all covered with various tattoos and piercings. This shocked many users, others tried to support Elena, others frankly felt sorry for her.

Some fans of the talented actress believe that when a child by this age has not taken place as a person, this cannot be justified by anything: a person should achieve real success, and not make himself a terrible art gallery.

Other fans object to them, claiming that the penchant for tattoos is not so terrible – not a drug addict, not a drunkard, but the fact that he presents his happiness in his own way is his right, and this choice is better respected.

However, more often than not, sincere words of support sounded in the comments under the pictures: “Elena you have a very beautiful and good son and it is clear that he loves you very much, good luck to both of you,” “You, a real mother. Only a loving mother can understand and accept the views of her children. Happiness to you !!!! “,” Helen. How touching. When a son hugs his mom like that “,” It is happiness to be near your children! ” (Spelling and punctuation of the authors preserved, editor’s note).

The shocking son of Yakovleva and People’s Artist of Russia Valery Shalny is 27 years old. At one time, Denis successfully entered the directing department of the Humanitarian Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting at Bolshaya Polyanka in Moscow, but left his studies. There was a period when he worked as an educator at the “Rosatom School”, then a serious passion for music began. However, he is now focusing on bodybuilding.

Elena Yakovleva’s creativity

Behind the back of the iconic actress of Russian cinema is a huge amount of work. She played diverse roles in more than a hundred films and TV series, performed a lot on the theater stage.

Her creative activity in the field of art did not go unnoticed, her fruitful work was rewarded at the state level. Yakovleva was awarded the title of People’s Artist of Russia, she received the State Prize of the Russian Federation, she was awarded the Order of Honor.

The film debut of 22-year-old Elena Yakovleva fell on the shooting of an eccentric fairy tale-musical “Two under one umbrella.”

Director Sergei Abramov invited the aspiring actress to play in one film with the stars Innokenty Smoktunovsky and Ivar Kalninsh. The baptism of fire was successful, and since then Yakovleva’s talent has only blossomed.

photo: Instagram @elenayakovleva_fan

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