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Orchid tattoo meaning

Values: beauty, love, perfection, splendor, luxury, rarity

The orchid flower is found in a tattoo quite often and its meaning is aimed more at expressing and emphasizing female characteristics and feelings. Orchid is a symbol of splendor, incredible beauty and feminine charmOften, the meaning of an orchid tattoo is taken as a symbol of luxury and carefree… This flower has become a real pearl of the plant world and can embody the concept of rarity or rare beauty. Love, favor, harmony, charm are also combined in the meaning of the orchid tattoo

In Chinese culture, the orchid is a symbol of the ideal, or perfect, person, is an attribute of a reclusive teaching, embodies love and femininity.

Delicate orchid petals are a sign of pure affection. The flower itself can be a talisman against impotence and a symbol of fertility. In Vietnam, according to the lunar calendar, the orchid blooms on the eve of the New Year, after which spring comes, so these flowers have become a symbol of spring, as well as youth and elegance. It is believed that the orchid flower in the bouquet gives it the scent of passion. In Feng Shui, this flower has become a symbol of tenderness, its presence in the house means that there are no quarrels between spouses. In ancient Greek mythology, orchids are associated with the god Orkis, in his hands they became a symbol of fertility and fragile beauty and love.

The orchid got its name in honor of the goddess of light, who was worshiped by the inhabitants of the Amazon. The orchid saved people from anger, cruelty and anger, wanted to ensure that human vices disappeared forever, and only joy and happiness filled the world. But other gods did not rule the idea that only good should rule the world, and they drove the beautiful orchid to the ground, and she, at her desire, appeared before people in the guise of a flower. Reminding them that a person should remain pure and beautiful in soul and body.

Costa Rica is considered the birthplace of the orchid, and the number of species and forms of it numbers about 30,000. This is a mysterious and romantic flower of all times and peoples. Ideal for tattooing women

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