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The meaning of anubis tattoo

Values: path, enlightenment

The topic itself related to Egypt is very interesting and attracts people all over the world. This is a very ancient and great civilization that knows many different secrets and mysteries. There is not only interesting architecture and culture, but also symbolism associated with mythology. It is the symbolism that has become loved by connoisseurs of tattoos.

Very quickly, various Egyptian symbols gained particular popularity. Among the symbols are the eyes of the god Ra, scarabs, ankhs and many other mythical things. Many tattoo artists believe that this topic is no longer relevant and morally outdated, but this is not entirely true. For some reason, people do not pay attention to the ancient Egyptian gods, for example, few people have heard of the Anubis tattoo.

In general, this is not surprising, but let’s try to figure out such a complex and interesting tattoo. First of all, each god is a symbol in itself, he contains a certain energy… And what exactly the tattoo will bring is usually only a mystery, in particular, this can be said about the tattoo with Anubis.

Anubis is considered to be the most mysterious god of Egyptian mythology. Most researchers believe that this is the main patron saint of the dead, he rules the afterlife. Because of this opinion, a somewhat negative opinion is formed about this character, so it seems that a tattoo with Anubis will only bring problems. However, this is not the case.

Anubis is a god who acts as intermediaries for the dead who need to get to the other world. He is also the keeper of poisons and medicines. Anubis tattoo and its meaning in the modern interpretation is expressed as a god who opens the way. The options in which you can portray Anubis are endless. You can draw his classic image, where he appears as a man with a jackal’s head or a dog.

And you can find an option where he is depicted with a mummy, scales, uas, sekhem or ankh. If you are seriously thinking about such a tattoo, then you can search the Internet for photos that were taken inside the tombs and ancient temples of Egypt. Perhaps it is there that you will come across an image to your liking.

Anubis tattoo will look good on any part of the body if it is applied in a fairly large size. It can be arms, calves or back, here you are limited only by your imagination and how experienced your tattoo artist is. And who is the tattoo with Anubis suitable for? First of all to those who wish find your way, your special way in this life… If you have problems, you do not know where to go next, perhaps the great Anubis will tell you.

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