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The meanings of Pavel Volya’s tattoo

Pavel Volya is witty not only on stage. The star applies this character trait in life. A vivid proof of this is the tattoos of Pavel Volya. What is the tattoo of Pavel Volya on his left shoulder, which is his own image of the “Glamorous bastard”. This tattoo of Pavel Volya was copied from his personal photo. The drawing is made using black and red shades, which give the tattoo a natural and believable appearance.

Pavel VolyaThe creation of a tattoo on the left shoulder of Pavel Volya with his own image

No less original is the tattoo of Pavel Volya on the back, which was first seen in the movie “Plato”. This is a drawing of a man waving his hand. The drawing itself consists of several words intertwined with each other. Fans managed to recognize only one thing – Freedom, which is not only consonant with the surname of the Comedy Club resident, but also reflects the life position of the star.

Pavel Volya's tattoo on the back with a waving man

Sometimes Pavel Volya experiments and puts temporary tattoos on his body. At one time, these were small dolphins on the neck and arm, as well as various drawings made specifically for filming in videos.

The tattoo made by a star in honor of their children can also be considered original. It should be noted that the drawing was done in stages. First, Pavel Snezhok Volya decorated his chest with the image of his first child – son Robert, and after the birth of his daughter Sophia he added her closer to his heart.

Paul's chest tattoo depicting his children

More recently, Pavel Volya’s new tattoo on the wrist has become a puzzle for the subscribers of his microblog. The star did not tell the meaning of the tattoo, limiting himself only to a photo from the tattoo parlor. Most fans agreed that the tattoo was made in honor of the star’s three-month-old daughter. It is assumed that the name of the daughter is placed on the wrist – Sophia.

Pavel Volya with friends

Given the original approach of the Comedy Club resident to decorating his body, it is reasonable to expect new tattoos from Pavel.

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