A young man proposed to a girl in marriage using a survey in the form of a tattoo

What proposals are not made only in modern times. Now, just kneeling down and reaching out with the ring is considered to such an extent a classic that it is not particularly perceived as the norm. Fantasy was enough for a young man from Bulgaria, who decided that a tattoo for life is perfect a way to ask for your hand and heart his coveted one, says

Taking risks in the name of love

Indeed, the risky act was committed by a young man named Juris Yurison. Obviously, the guy was so sure of a positive answer that he did not expect a negative. Otherwise, his decision cannot be explained.

In order to make a unique marriage proposal, Juris went to a tattoo artist. On his chest is now the inscription: “Will you marry me?”, And below the options for answers: Yes, No. It is noteworthy that in the field with “Yes” a heart had already been placed in advance, or rather, embossed with ink.

Thus, the young man managed not only to impress the girl with his fantasy, but also to demonstrate to her the fact that he had chosen the only one and was ready for anything. And at the same time, there is no choice left.

Of course, the girl answered “Yes” and the happy newlyweds told a love story on the Web, showing a photo with tattoos and rings.

In any act of a person who ends up on public pages, there will always be either ill-wishers, or haters, or critics. While some are scattered in congratulations, others complain that if the girl refused, the lover would have a hard time.

Well, that’s why they are people, how many there are, so many opinions, and the JoInfoMedia Editorial Board, in turn, wishes the couple a happy family life and, of course, endless fantasy for surprises.

Interesting statistics were compiled by analyst experts, having found out in which cities and places of the world men most often kneel down with a proposal to marry.

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