Brooklyn Beckham’s new tattoo left his fans perplexed

Many experts advise clients to apply only such drawings to the body that they will not have to regret in the future. To the list of unwanted tattoo names and images of the second half fall, because none of us knows how life will turn out in the future. But Brooklyn Beckham doesn’t seem to be bothered by this fact. The young man is sure that his relationship with Nicola Peltz will last forever, says

Didn’t even stop Brooklyn signing a marriage contract with the bride in case of divorce. No matter how the family life of the son of a famous football player and his lover develops, the memory of Nicole will remain with him forever.

Brooklyn’s new tattoo – a love letter from the bride

Brooklyn Beckham with the bride
Brooklyn Beckham with the bride

On his Instagram, David Beckham’s son boasted a new tattoo. On the back in the neck area of ​​the young man now flaunts a love letter, which was addressed to him by his girlfriend.

“My boy, read this letter every time you feel anxious. I want you to know how much you are loved. You have the best heart I have ever met and I hope I don’t live a day without yours.” love. You are amazing. I love you endlessly. I love you forever. Your future wife. ” – it is these lines that now adorn the part of Brooklyn Beckham’s body.

Brooklyn’s subscribers are surprised and write in the comments that applying such a picture is a very dubious decision, but with all their hearts they wish the guy not to regret him in the future and build a strong family with Nicole for the rest of his life.

The son of a famous football player is a big fan of tattoos. On the body of the 21-year-old boy there is already an image of Nicole’s eyes, her name and even the name of her late grandmother. In addition, Brooklyn has immortalized and the names of their younger brothers… Earlier we showed exactly where the tattoo in the form of the names of Cruise and Romeo are located.

Photo: Instagram @brooklynbeckham

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