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Dream catcher tattoo meaning

Values: mysteriousness, calmness, protection, colorfulness, amulet, talisman

Among the Indian tattoos, there are many beautiful and rich in meaning, but the dreamcatcher has become, so to speak, the hallmark of the Indian style in tattoo. It attracts attention more than others with its mysteriousness and brilliance.

The dream catcher combined the pinnacle of beauty and diversity of the Indian tattoo style and an incredible semantic load, that is, a symbolic sacred meaning. The dreamcatcher symbol itself is a famous talisman and a strong Native American amulet, it consists of a spider web placed in a circle and feathers tied to it. Sometimes wooden beads, branches of vines, and other traditional Indian symbols are braided into the web, the number of feathers can be from one to three, they are also often decorated and painted with different colors.

The ancient Indians wove this amulet from a willow branch and reindeer veins, or ordinary threads, and decorated it with eagle or owl feathers. Such a talisman was usually hung over the head of the bed or just in the bedroom, and the essence of its purpose was to scare off bad dreams. Later they began to constantly carry it with them, but already as a national Indian tattoo.

The meaning of a dream catcher tattoo is explained as follows: the cobweb in the amulet catches all negative thought forms and dreams, leaving only good and positive… Thus, allowing the person to enjoy a restful and sound sleep. Evil spirits, in which the Indians believed, also could not approach a person due to the protective power of the catcher. It is not uncommon in North American Indians’ tattoos that the image of a dream catcher was combined with images of totem animals – a bear and a wolf, so in the center of the circle you can find a bear paw print or a wolf’s grin.

The dreamcatcher tattoo was also done in Siberia, but there this amulet was mainly used by shamans and priests in order to better see and understand and remember their visions in a dream.

In modern practice, a dream catcher is also often done in order to contribute to one’s inner efforts in knowing oneself and acquiring spiritual inner experience. Therefore, the general attitude of people towards this tattoo is imbued with respect and caution. In addition, the dreamcatcher draws attention to itself due to the bright colors of the Indian style and its diversity – many variations of the image of the amulet.

A dreamcatcher tattoo is advised to be done on the neck or on the shoulder, so that it is as close to the head as possible, which accepts all dreams and thoughts. It should be said that the protective power of this tattoo is not possible without a deep knowledge of its essence and undoubted belief in the properties of reflecting evil forces. This charm symbol is often used for jewelry – necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

The meaning of a dream catcher tattoo does not lose its essence through eras and centuries and remains always popular and desired.

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