Funny video: an Indian parodied the future fight of McGregor – Mayweather

The Indian fan of the Irish athlete decided to anticipate the future game and reflect the possible course of action. The Internet star, dressed in a fur cape, glasses and decorated with tattoos, parodied the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, reports.

A parody of a million

In the video, a chubby “boxer”, waving his arms, showing off the chains around his neck, clumsily dances to hip-hop and hits a pear with the image of Mayweather. The Indian “Conor” threatened to make curry out of the opponent and insulted him in every possible way. In general, 40 seconds of laughter is guaranteed. journalist Lesya Melnik reminds that Conor McGregor is preparing for a fight: an athlete’s open training.

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