Guinness Book of Records: 69-year-old American became the most tattooed woman in the world

Charlotte Gutenberg lives in Florida and just loves tattoos. Representation of the Guinness Book of Records already in 2015 marked Charlotte with a record as the most tattooed elderly woman. Then the body of Charlotte was 91.5% covered with tattoos, reports

Almost the entire body of a woman is covered with tattoos.


Now Gutenberg’s body is 98.75% covered tattoos and she rightfully holds the world record for being a Samai tauturized woman of all time. Her partner Chuck Helmke, in turn, holds the world record for the most tautuated elderly person. The couple’s passion for tattoos has become a real sensation on the net.

In total, Charlotte now has 3 world records: “the most tattooed elderly woman”, which she recently secured, “the most tattooed woman of all time” and “the most tattooed woman alive today.”

Charlotte Gutenberg says her “suit” is now complete. The entire body of the woman is covered with tattoos, except for the face and a small part of the palms.

Charlotte has always loved tattoos


Throughout her life, she admired the previous record holder, Isobel Worley, who won her record in 1990. Charlotte says that she has always loved tattoos as an art, but she did her first tattoo only at the age of 50. “I knew right away that I wanted to fill my entire body with tattoos as soon as I entered the tattoo studio,” says Gutenberg.

A couple of tattoo lovers met in a tattoo studio


Charlotte met Chuck in a tattoo studio. He worked part-time there and somehow held the woman’s hands during one of the sessions, knowing how much it hurt. Since then, the connection has only grown and they began to continue to cover their bodies with drawings already together. And Chuck, besides, owns another interesting record: “the largest number of skulls on the body.” The man has 376 of them, says the editorial staff of JoInfoMedia.

Representatives Guinness book of records Charlotte said: “Tattoos give everyone the opportunity to show how different they are. It helps to express yourself, your thoughts and achieve harmony with your body. “

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