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Minimalism does not lose its popularity and is reflected everywhere, even in such a form of modern art as a tattoo. Drawings on the body in this style differ in the minimum number of elements, limited color palette and different sizes. brings to your attention the top 10 original tattoo ideas, among which you will definitely find something for yourself.

The most beautiful tattoo ideas

In the style of minimalism, different sizes of elements are allowed. It can be a small, nondescript drawing on the arm, or it can be an image of the entire length of the arm or leg, or even the back.

There is no limited plot either, but the image should be as simplified as possible.
Tattoos in the style of minimalism are most often chosen by practical individuals who want to have a stylish and at the same time simple decoration on their body. If necessary, such a pattern can be easily hidden under clothing.

Note that the most important meaning of a tattoo is determined by a person. What matters is what you mentally put into the drawing on the body.

We will remind, earlier we talked about the tattoos of the stars, which they dedicated to their children. Matt Damon has the names of his wife and children on his hand, and Jessica Alba wears images of the zodiac signs of her children.

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