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What could be better than an intelligent and beautiful woman in an equally beautiful body ?! However, the concepts of beauty are different for everyone. Sarah Gray from Australia is a wonderful girl, her body is adorned with tattoos and piercings. She works as a doctor and admits that she had to face a lot of criticism.

The most tattooed doctor

Sarah Gray, 30, lives on the south coast of Australia, in the city of Adelaide. She works as a doctor at a local hospital. In the past, she has faced intolerance and inappropriate behavior from people who meet her. The fact is that almost all of her body is covered with multi-colored tattoos, there is piercings on her face, and her hair is painted in green, then in blue, then in lilac.

She was even sometimes refused to be served in restaurants and a shoe store because she was “too tattooed”, well, or because she has a tattoo in visible places. But, the Australian doctor remains positive and hopes that soon the bias will disappear from our world, and she will not be afraid to be herself.

“Everyone has the right to love himself as he is, no matter what his body looks like,” says Sarah. She also notes that she had to work hard to create a good relationship at work.

“There are people who don’t like tattoos, but that’s completely their problem. I ask them to just think about the art that tattooists apply with ink,” said Gray.

In our gallery, we have collected the most striking photographs of the Australian doctor, who is distinguished by her extraordinary appearance.

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Photo: Instagram rosesarered_23

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