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Zemfira’s tattoos

Rock music has always been associated with a vivid image of the performer and the presence of tattoos. Russian singer Zemfira is no exception.

Zemfira is a talented and popular singer. She has thousands of fans who cannot ignore her appearance and the presence of tattoos.

    • Zemfira’s first tattoo was the letter Z, surrounded by the Sun. The musician put into it the meaning of cheerfulness, striving for light, love of life. But unjustified rumors about the criminal past associated with this letter began to circulate around the singer.

Zemfira tattoo on the shoulder in black with the letter Z

    • The Z on the right shoulder was hidden in 2004 under a black uniform square. In a broad sense, such an illustration symbolizes stability, constancy, the Earth.

Zemfira Tattoo On Shoulder Black Rectangle

    • In 2005, a small black airplane appeared on the neck of the rock singer. He aspires to the sky. Zemfira’s tattoo of the plane was cleverly played in the setting of the video for the song of the same name. He slipped off the singer’s neck and literally rushed up.

Zemfira tattoo on the neck of the plane in black

    • 2005 amazed fans with the presence of algae-like tattoos on the singer’s arms. A lot of rumors immediately appeared around them. Some believed that they symbolized veins and were even associated with drug addiction, some that they were fetters holding the singer. It turned out that the images are temporary and soon they disappeared from Zemfira’s hands.

Zemfira tattoo on two arms black lines

    • On the left wrist of the scene star, a small “P” is visible. This tattoo is associated with the name of the singer – Ramazanov.

Zemfira's tattoo on the wrist with the letter P

Whatever others think, a person makes tattoos first of all for himself and puts his own meaning into them, which occupies an important place in the life of the owner.

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