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What will happen to a tattoo if you lose weight or gain weight? How to avoid deformation of the tattoo

Frequently asked question about tattoo – what will happen to my tattoo if I I will gain or lose weight dramatically? We must understand that the process of changing weight is a natural process in our life. As we age, our weight can both increase and decrease. What should be done to keep the tattoo as long as possible? So, first things first.

Under what conditions does the tattoo deform?

If the change in weight happened abruptly enough, then the deformation of the tattoo cannot be avoided.… If you gain weight or lose it dramatically, it can lead to the appearance of stretch marks on your body and then the tattoo will be stretched. But it is worth knowing that the deformation of the tattoo will not occur if the weight gain or weight loss has passed gradually. In this case, the skin will not suffer, which means that the tattoo will retain its original appearance.

What else do you need to know about tattoo deformation?

Do not get upset about stretch marks, because they do not appear on all parts of our body, there are places where there will never be stretch marks, that is, even with a sharp increase or decrease in weight, in the right place, nothing will be tattooedThese areas include the neck, ankles, wrist, shoulders, and shoulder blades.… These locations are ideal for positioning the drawing. Avoid getting a tattoo on your belly or buttocks.

Additional advice on changing your tattoo while gaining or losing weight

If you often go to the gym, then it is important not to pump muscles, this is mostly the case for men. You also need to know that sweat is the main enemy of a tattoo, since it contains salt.… Therefore, after completing the tattooing on the body, it is worth giving up going to the gym for 10-14 days so that the skin can finally recover and heal. After all, the further appearance of your tattoo depends on healing.

Let’s summarize.
As a result, we can say that with proper care, as well as with gradual weight gain or loss – the deformation of the tattoo will be minimal or not occur at all… Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences or changes to the tattoo, watch your health, choose the right place for drawing and remember that there is correction tattoowhich will help correct the imperfections of your tattoo.

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