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Portuguese artist Sergio Odeyt has found his calling. He creates volumetric graffiti and surprises the world with them. Thanks to the special drawing technique and creative approach, the artist’s works look like living things. Sergio’s 3-D drawings are mesmerizing, says

How alive

The Portuguese artist’s works adorn the walls of many cities in America, Great Britain and, of course, his home country. Not only passers-by or residents of the houses on whose walls he painted, but also world-famous companies drew attention to the work of the talented Sergio.

Of course, like many other creative personalities, Odeyt started small. Since he loved to create optical illusions from childhood, he began to get involved in tattoos in his youth. Soon Sergio opened his own tattoo parlor and delighted clients with unique designs on his body.

Gloomy 3-D

After gaining international recognition as an artist, the Portuguese stopped tattooing. He took the paint cans and went out into the streets. What the artist began to create won the hearts of a large audience. His 3-D drawings feel alive. The artist’s works are real, unique and colorful.

Sergio calls his murals dark 3-D. And he creates them with the help of shadows and lines. It is also important to paint not on one but on two walls that form an angle. Then the illusion and visual volume are perfect.

Recall that earlier we talked about the incredible works of the Israeli artist Sigalit Landau. The woman has been using the gifts of the Dead Sea for 15 years, creating unique sculptures with a frozen effect.

Sigalite immerses clothes, shoes, musical instruments in salt water and waits until a thick layer of salt forms on them. Then, with the help of a special technique, things are taken out of the water, dried and presented as original sculptures.

Photo: Instagram: @odeith

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