Tattoos and body parts – what does it mean?

In modern society, more and more people are decorating their bodies with tattoos. Colored and monochromatic, large and small, on the shoulder, legs, back – where and what just does not prick the youth. But do the tattoo wearers know how society perceives their tattoo, depending on the part of the body on which it is done.

We propose to consider the places where drawings are most often punctured. They are highlighted in different colors. Depending on the color, let’s look at the meaning of the tattoo.

Red Zone: “I will never get a job for which I will have to pay taxes.”

Blue zone: “I spend your taxes, well, there is a prison, all the cases …”.

Green Zone: A socially acceptable zone for tattoos showing rebelliousness.

Dark green area: “Attention! There are wings, dragons and other slag. “

Purple zone: “Yes, you understood correctly. Buy me a drink and I’m yours. “

Orange Zone: “I don’t hang out with those friends anymore. Jokers, damn it. “

Black and Yellow Zone: Tattooing in this zone will become a bigger nightmare earlier than in any other zone.

Mustard yellow zone: “I love to attract attention, so I show my tattoos to everyone.”

Purple zone: “I am a princess and I decided to get my first tattoo in my life. Let it be a bird or a butterfly. “

These are the words that tattoos say about their owners. If you are just going to fulfill an old dream and please yourself with a drawing on your body, you should pay attention to this, as well as to what tattoos they do not take to work with. Remember, in life you only need to do those things that you will not regret later.

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