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The meaning of a bear tattoo

Values: power, power, resurrection, fortitude, courage, fertility

The meaning of a bear tattoo directly depends on how and in what context this beast is depicted.… He can be seen as kind, obedient and wise, or you can draw him as angry, ferocious and furious.

But in general, a bear tattoo has the following meaning: resurrection and the beginning of a new life (from the property of waking up after a long hibernation), courage and power, confidence and courage, fertility and motherhood (bear), power and resilience, charity and peace

The bear has been considered the national symbol of Russia for many years. In this country, many stories and legends are associated with him. A bear tattoo with a grin in Russia always means male courage. In the cultural tradition of the ancient Celts, the bear is a symbol of the power of the moon. And since the moon is a female symbol, it is directly related to childbirth and motherhood. The Celts respected and revered the bear, his image became the emblem of all Celtic warriors. In China, the bear is associated with the masculine principle, personifies strength, domination and masculinity. The Japanese revered it as a symbol of wisdom and justice, associated with patience and charity. In the mythology of the Romans and Greeks, the bear became the representative of the goddess of hunting and fertility – the eternally young Artemis.

The American Indians gave the bear the role of an omnipotent and fearless beast that can defeat a tornado and any other natural disasters. The peoples of ancient Scandinavia tied this animal in the incredible ferocity of combat and blind aggression. He was also one of the incarnations of the god Odin, and the ancient German warrior god Thor. In Christianity and Islam, the bear is viewed more as a dark force, cruel, vengeful and greedy. In one of the biblical stories, King David of Israel fought with a bear. And in Western art, the bear often personifies the sin of gluttony. It is also known that bear tattoos were applied to the bodies of Indian rajas and Egyptian pharaohs, as a symbol of perfect and indisputable one-man power, such a tattoo was not available to ordinary people of these countries. In alchemy, he became a symbol of the original substance, chaos, which must be put in order.

The bear is a unique animal. He is respected for the fact that although he looks big and fierce, inside he is always kind and affectionate… Therefore, the meaning of a bear tattoo is so diverse. Separately, it is necessary to highlight the tattoo depicting a polar bear. This beast often means loneliness and the desire to survive, no matter what. It symbolizes fearlessness, vitality and strict character. The polar bear is a symbol of the country of Russia and America. Among northern peoples, the meaning of a polar bear tattoo is expressed by hunting luck, courage and courage.

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