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The meaning of a star tattoo

Values: magic, protection, magic, dream, health

Tattoos depicting stars are very popular, diverse and symbolic a lot. The meaning of a star tattoo primarily depends on what kind of star is chosen for the tattoo, and in what context it is drawn… The star tattoo is equally popular with men and women. It is very easy to perform and visually beautiful, therefore it is often used as the first tattoo. In fact, the star as a symbol has a very ancient and deep meaning. It is found in many cultures and religions, but at the same time it is not tied to any of them, which makes this symbol completely universal. A star is a symbol of the sky, a symbol of prosperity and luck, it is believed that the stars give a person inspiration

Next, we will consider some variations of a star tattoo: each of them has a special style and powerful meaning.

The starfish at one time enjoyed great popularity among sailors, as a symbol of protection from the harmful forces of the water element. It was believed that she helps a person to return home after a difficult journey.

The Star of David (six-pointed) is often used in tattoo; it has a deep religious meaning: it symbolizes the absolute supremacy of God over the universe, in all directions. It is also called the seal of Solomon or the Star of the Creator. It is believed that this star arose after David’s victory over Goliath, who wore a shield in the form of a six-pointed star. After this event, David became king of Israel.

The five-pointed star (pentagram) is a popular protective symbolism tattoo. According to the beliefs of the ancient Celts, it is considered a symbol of harmony and magic. The inverted pentagram resembles the face of a goat and is the emblem of the Satanic church.

The seven-pointed (septagram) represents the mystical side of man. It is considered a symbol of good luck and excellence.

The eight-pointed star (oktorgamma) symbolizes abundance. It was widely used among the pagans of Ancient Egypt.

The nine-pointed star (nanogram) is a symbol of stability that every person strives for. In Scandinavian mythology, such a star meant nine worlds. In Ireland, the star tattoo is a symbol of good health.

A shooting star is often used to denote some important event or change in a person’s life. The meaning of a star tattoo in a constellation or with a crescent means the fulfillment of desires, world chaos. Stars with a crescent moon are very often used in the religion of Islam and in the national symbols of the country of Turkey. And eastern legends associate stars with miracles and magic. The meaning of the star tattoo for women primarily serves as a stylish jewelry or accessory.They attract customers with their diversity and charming designs. But be careful, a star tattoo on the wrist is the hallmark of lesbians. And the star under the collarbone is an attribute of an authoritative recidivist thief.

The star is such a universal symbol that each person can choose a star for himself according to his taste and preference.

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