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The meaning of the cobra tattoo

Values: power, wisdom, rebirth, mercy, danger, meanness

Of all the poisonous snakes, the cobra stands out for its special attitude towards itself, in many cultures it is considered the most dangerous and most sacred. The general meaning of a cobra tattoo is expressed by a number of such symbols: danger, power, wisdom, rebirth and fertility, mercy and meanness.

In ancient Egypt, the cobra was associated with the afterlife: a cobra was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, which served as a symbol of protection of the deceased pharaoh. Snakes are also well known for being used to kill and heal Cleopatra. The king cobra with a loose hood “Uto” has always been depicted on the crown of the pharaoh. And it was always considered the burning and all-seeing eye of the sun god – Ra. She was painted on the walls of temples, as a sign of strength and power, people always treated the cobra with fear and endowed it with the ability to take or save life.

In India, the cobra has long been considered one of the most sacred animals, and is a symbol of sovereign power. Seeing a cobra up close has always been considered a good omen, as these snakes are good rodent exterminators. From Indian mythology, the magic cobra – Naga is also well known, which guarded large treasures in an abandoned temple.

In Buddhist religion, this snake is considered a protector or guardian. One of the Buddhist myths tells of a cobra who covered the sleeping Buddha with her hood from the sun’s rays. Also in Buddhism, the cobra is considered a symbol of instinct. And in the culture of Cambodia, the seven-headed cobra is known – a symbol of the rainbow, a sign of the connection between earth and sky.

The most poisonous and terrifying of all cobra species is the King Cobra. She amazes people contemplating her with dangerous grace and ferocious beauty, arouses admiration and intimidation. The meaning of a cobra tattoo with a swollen hood and open mouth expresses a great danger, encourages you to always be on the lookout… Such a tattoo can mean death, or be a constant reminder of an impending death.

It is impossible not to mention the unique ability of the snake to rejuvenate (shedding the skin). Therefore, the meaning of the cobra tattoo is often perceived as symbol of immortality or renewal of life… As a female symbol, she is mistaken for the patroness of motherhood and fertility.

Cobra tattoo often symbolizes danger, but at the same time it is a hint of sexuality and feminine, serpentine grace… Because a snake, in particular a cobra, is a master, an animal that pushes people to vices. Cobra is well known as a ruthless killer and also a recognized healer.

Based on all of the above, one can understand why, even today, the interest of people in the art of tattooing, and in general, does not fade away to this poisonous beauty.


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