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The meaning of the dice tattoo

Values: luck, suffering, passion, risk, fortune

“Our whole life is a game,” say people who tattoo themselves with dice. Not surprisingly, such a tattoo has become a symbol of risk, gambling, and indifferent thoughts about the world. The meaning of the dice tattoo has not yet been fully determined, therefore it is interpreted relatively freely, and has the most intimate meaning only for the wearer himself.

Dice are a famous symbol of fortune, and for the sake of her smiles and guardianship, many players apply such a pattern. In antiquity, in Greco-Roman mythology, dice were an attribute of the “Three Graces”, which were called the children of Venus and had an astrological aspect, and those who gambled belonged to them.

It is not surprising, but the tattoo of dice found some meaning in its design in the Christian religion: “And they divided My vestments among themselves, and they cast lots for my clothes.” This expression is directly related to the passion of Christ, and the famous story of His purple robe. After all, after the suffering death on the cross of the Savior, the soldiers who crucified him decided to take away the clothes of Jesus – the purple robe, and in order to share who would get it, the Roman soldiers threw dice. Therefore, over the centuries, dice have become a symbol of the passions and sufferings of Christ.

In general, in the Christian scripture, the casting of lots is mentioned seventy-seven times. The lot served mainly to make important decisions and helped with the problem of choice. Thus, people wanted to know the will of God and sought to please Him. That is, in some cases the drawing of lots is in demand, when there is no solution, and each choice is correct. He can be an assistant in making the right choice.

Today, the meaning of the dice tattoo is best known as a recognized symbol of good luck along with symbols such as the four-leaf clover, horseshoe, sphinxes and the eyes of Horus.… It is believed that a dice tattoo brings good luck in life and in gambling, plus everything is also beautiful and aesthetic, and belongs to the list of youth tattoos.

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