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The meaning of the dragon tattoo

Values: power, strength, wisdom, loyalty

The dragon is one of the most famous, popular and respected mythological creatures in the world. The imprint of this image can be found in the culture and mythology of many peoples of Asia and Europe. Hence the popular dragon tattoo, the meaning for which can be found in these very cultures and mythologies.

The dragon tattoo in modern understanding is a classic, common tattoo among both men and women. The very image of the dragon came to us from the east, and more specifically from the cultures of Japan and China.

A dragon tattoo symbolizes nobility, mystery, strength and magic, the ability to go beyond the possible, as well as perseverance, loyalty and beauty… Dragons were depicted in different ways, but in all cultures of all peoples they were always wise, therefore, the dragon often embodies great wisdom

Such a tattoo is often used as a symbol of power and strength. Dragon tattoos were applied on the back, along the spine, to all the emperors of China and their wives, that is, the meaning of the dragon tattoo on the back area is closely related to the main attribute of the imperial power… Also, he has always embodied magical and spiritual qualities. According to the Chinese horoscope, a person born under the sign of the dragon will be the leader in life.

Dragons in the traditions and myths of the peoples of the Far East were symbols of the four elements of nature: earth, water, fire and air. Or four cardinal points – East, West, North and South.

In Buddhism, the dragon played the role of the protector of the Buddha and his sacred laws. He was depicted on the arches of temples and tombstones, to protect the souls of the dead from evil forces.

In Greek and Roman civilization, warriors wore the image of a dragon on their armor as a symbol of terror.

The dragon image can be found on Viking ships. Among the Celts, it was a symbol of sovereign power and represented the “circle of life”, that is, the life cycle of a person.

In the west, the image of the dragon in most cases played the role of an evil force that must be defeated. Everyone knows the image of St. George defeating the dragon.

In Russia, the image of a dragon was also known – under the name of the Serpent Gorynych.

In general, dragons are neither good nor evil, they simply represent the forces of nature, which can be both good and noble, and cruel. Therefore, the meaning of this tattoo is ambiguous: it can simultaneously be a symbol of earth, sky, water and the underworld.

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