Meanings of tattoos

The meaning of the viper tattoo

Values: power, deceit, strength

The viper tattoo symbolizes power, both natural and supernatural, abundance, rebirth and wisdom. In the West, in particular, the snake symbolizes temptation and female sexual power. In tattoos, the image of a snake is also often used along with the image of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. One of the hallmarks of snake tattoos that makes them so popular is their ability to be combined with other images, as well as the ease with which the tattoo artist can use the fluid and dynamic forms of the snake to accentuate the aesthetic lines of the human body. Equally sexy are snake tattoos that wind around the arm, thigh or shoulder. For this reason, snakes are popular with both men and women.

Snake tattoos carry both positive and negative symbolism. For some people, they are a symbol of fertility, for others – a symbol of the underworld… Snakes are both deadly killers and established healers at the same time. The large number of different meanings of snake tattoos are due to the sheer number of mysterious mythological stories that surround them. If we step back from mythology and focus on this creature itself, then snake – a symbol of strength, and are deeply respected for their power, potential lethality, and serpentine grace.

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