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The meaning of the mandala tattoo

Values: spiritual integrity, Buddhism, ultimate reality, deities

Mandala is such a concentric diagram that consists of very complex patterns and various iconographic images. In Buddhist mythology, the mandala is a very important sacred symbol, which reflects the geometric scheme of the universe, or rather, its structure. In addition, this diagram shows all Buddhist saints.

Mandala tattoos have the meaning of a holistic image of the world… This meaning can be explained by the fact that the main figure of the mandala is a circle, which is inscribed in a square. Sometimes this figure is also divided into four triangles, which, in turn, are oriented to the cardinal points and painted in special colors. The north is painted green, the south is yellow, the west is red and the east is white, the center is blue, but there may be other options.

This means the five elements of the human person: brilliant, unshakable, endless light, diamond womb and unmistakable comprehension… On tattoos with a mandala, the background is often painted in a fiery red, delicate terracotta or emerald color, sometimes pearl white is also found, but this is less common. The drawings depict serene deities in various meditative poses, and also depict terrifying gods spewing fire and smoke.

Floral patterns, fortresses, various multi-armed deities, clouds of smoke and heavenly bonfires are located along the edges of the circle, all this has its own symbolic meaning. In shape, the mandala is similar to the wheel of the world, the mythical Golden flower, lotus flower or rose. Also, the mandala tattoo describes the meaning of the figures enclosed in a circle. It can be an annual circle, a labyrinth, a clock face, or even a zodiacal circle. Also mandala means ten divisions of the Vedas. Its most complex forms are composed in Tibet and India.

The mandala principle is found at the heart of many ancient Indian arts. For example, according to the mandala system, with all its features, temple complexes, altars and sometimes even cities are built. This structure implies the creation of a “monumental way of life” as well as the “creation of a model of the world”, simple and ideal.

In general, the mandala is an attempt display higher reality in the mind of the picture. Mandala means spiritual Wholeness, which is above the sensible world. Such a tattoo is very suitable for people who are interested in Buddhism. It is very important to choose the right drawing itself, which will later be applied to the body by the master, you should like the drawing, so take your time with the choice.

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