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The meaning of the octopus tattoo

Values: wisdom, immortality, fear, licimeria, eternity

The octopus in tattoo culture, and in all its other manifestations, is a very mysterious animal, many terrible and positive stories and legends are associated with it, it causes fear and admiration in many people. Many peoples living by the sea have made the octopus their deity, the patron saint of the depths of the sea. Since ancient times, it has been believed that it creates whirlpools and can destroy a ship at sea. Also, an octopus can become a symbol of immortality, since it has three hearts

In some cultures, the octopus was associated with the underground and afterlife worlds, primarily because this frightening sight itself caused fear and horror among those contemplating it, and not everyone was able to see such a creature.

Continuing the theme of negative symbolism, the meaning of an octopus tattoo is expressed by the forces of evil and darkness, this may be due to a rare property of the beast itself. The fact is that an octopus, when frightened by special glands, can emit a so-called ink cloud, which at one moment turns the water around into impenetrable darkness. You probably already guessed that he does this in order to hide quickly and unnoticed.

The octopus was very often depicted in tattoos and on their amulets by sailors, mainly for protection from all sea misfortunes, the evil eye and bad thoughts. The ancients hoped that his image would save them from death in the depths of the sea. It was also considered a symbol of the July solstice, and was associated with the zodiac sign cancer.

In the modern interpretation, the octopus is associated with cyclicality and spirals of time, therefore it is considered a symbol of eternity and longevity, it is used as a means of accelerating life rhythm and moving forward. The same cyclicality is manifested in the lunar association with an octopus, because the phases of the moon are also changeable, repetitive and eternal.

Octopuses in tattoos are not many of the lost inhabitants of the depths of the sea, they are rarely shown to people, therefore they always arouse interest and respect. I think many have heard of the famous octopus god Cthulhu, who was a model of reverence and fear for people, a symbol of wisdom and power. Wisdom and knowledge are attributed to the octopus due to the fact that the size of its brain is equal to the size of the entire body and is very developed for an invertebrate.

Drawing an octopus in a tattoo is a rare but unforgettable thing, in any colors and contexts this animal looks great, surprising and attracting to itself with its mystery and unusualness. After all, what is most interesting to a person is what he did not know before. In some cases, the octopus can become a symbol impermanence and hypocrisy, like a chameleon, because it can change the color of its body with a different color of the environment, but at the same time, these animals are clean and hardworking.

Each person can attribute their own special meaning to an octopus in a tattoo, because this beast can be painted cruel and ruthless, like in horror films, with sparkling red eyes, or vice versa – kind, calm and virtuous.

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