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The meaning of the peacock tattoo

Values: love, fame, immortality, longevity, diversity

Peacocks are very beautiful and noble birds. That is why they are at all times associated with beauty, nobility, wealth, royalty and majesty… This is a very bright and sunny symbol, very often it was used to personify the Sun itself. Besides, peacock also means immortality, longevity, fame, diversity and even love in its most romantic manifestation.

These birds are always on the bright side of life, they are suitable for cheerful, impetuous and people striving for self-realization. Peacock as a tattoo has only light and kind meaning. Sometimes individual parts are considered, such as a peacock’s tail or a peacock’s feather. Such a symbol carries an interesting symbolic and semantic content, like a whole peacock.

In addition, even the ancient Greeks perceived the peacock’s tail as sky symbol, which is decorated with stars, because peacocks’ tails are very beautiful and mysterious. If you take Buddhism, then there a fan of peacock feathers means compassion. Chinese traditions say that the peacock personifies dignity, majesty and belonging to high society, in the same place the peacock feather was used as a sign of affection, it was awarded by the emperor.

Christians also treated these birds with great respect, because the peacock’s tail resembles a halo, and the pattern on it looks like eyes, therefore this bird can be called the all-seeing eye of the church. Many cultures associated and still associate the peacock with the supreme power, and very often peacocks accompany the gods and goddesses.

Nowadays, the peacock tattoo and its meaning have remained practically unchanged, such the tattoo symbolizes a symbol of natural beauty, brightness of colors, diversity, disclosure of potential human and general diversity of the world… Some use the image of a peacock as a demonstration of a symbol of narcissism, vanity and the desire for ideal external beauty, the discrepancy between the inner and outer world of a person.

But it is worth noting that such symbolism, more negative, appeared much later, in the original – in the ancient symbolism of peacocks this was not. As a conclusion, we can say that a tattoo with a peacock pattern is suitable for an extraordinary, cheerful and risky person. Also, a peacock tattoo is suitable for people who seek to subordinate their lives to the laws of maximum beauty and grace.

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