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The meaning of the triangle tattoo

Values: strength, wisdom, beauty, death, life, girlhood, marriage, birth, space

Geometric shapes are becoming more and more popular among tattoos. The figure in the shape of a triangle is considered the very first, by the way, this is generally one of the first drawings made by a person. This drawing belongs to the unisex category, so it can be chosen by a person of any gender. More important is the meaning that is embedded in the tattoo.

For women triangle tattoo has the meaning of a symbol of three cycles of life, including girlhood, motherhood and old age. As for men, their triple meaning is somewhat different: wisdom, strength, beauty… These are the basic, basic values. An equally important role is played by the part of the body where the drawing is placed, it emphasizes the meaning given.

For someone triangle means marriage symbolwhich is strong and based on the unity of body, mind and spirit. This image will be relevant for newlyweds who have just vowed to each other to be together in sorrow and in joy. For a family, the triangle is also very good, it will mean the years, simple and complex, that the couple spent together.

Another meaning triangle tattoo is associated with a special triple meaning: birth-life-death or, in another variation, life-death-new life. The triangle perfectly reflects the cyclical nature of human life, this is especially attractive to philosophers, people who like to think.

Following the meaning of the triangle is described as a symbol of the unity of the three components of a person, namely the body, mind and his soul… Tattoos with such a meaning are usually done by people who consider themselves an established personality and live in harmony with themselves. But the most popular meaning of the triangle is the one that came to us from the Christian religion. In it, the triangle acts as a symbol of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Among the Jews, this symbol means perfection. And for members of the Masonic lodge, the meaning is even more interesting, it symbolizes light, darkness and time, that is, the triple essence of the cosmos. The Jews, on the other hand, endowed the triangle with the meanings of correct thinking, correct execution and correct verbal content.

In general, each culture has its own meaning, which it puts into the image of the triangle. But despite the fact that all values ​​are different from each other, they are united by the fact that they are based on a triple basis. As for the shape of the applied triangle, the most popular is isosceles. It can be drawn in different ways, for example, with its top down, or you can also connect three triangles and then the meaning of the triangle tattoo will take on the meaning of fullness of health… If you draw two intersecting triangles, then they will symbolize fire and water and the victory of the spiritual over all bodily

The triangle inside the circle has an even more interesting meaning – trinity in one, and under this trinity can be understood almost anything, it all depends on religion and the person himself. A triangle within a square means two opposite values: spiritual and material, heavenly and earthly… And a triangle of a certain color, completely painted over, will receive a special meaning that each person chooses for himself.

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