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Amy Winehouse’s tattoos

Amy Winehouse is a popular British singer who passed away in 2011. She gained fame thanks to her amazing talent, unique image and scandalous reputation. Her extravagant image and manner of dress was complemented by tattoos on her body. Until now, her image is one of the most extraordinary, talented and controversial.

Not all Amy Winehouse tattoos are visible in the photo, there are 12 of them in total. Some tattoos are located in closed and inconspicuous places.

  1. Horseshoe

A horseshoe with a blue outline and pink filling is made to invoke good luck. The inscription Daddy’s girl around her speaks of her love for her father, defines his place in her life. This tattoo was made the very first at a young age.

Amy Winehouse Tattoo On Shoulder With Horseshoe With Pink And Blue Color

  1. Chest pocket

The imitation of a pocket on the chest with the words Blake`s conveys real strong feelings for Blake Sibyl. Location in the area of ​​the heart suggests that her love belongs to him.

Amy Winehouse tattoo on the chest with the inscription and the image of the breast pocket

  1. Lightning

The lightning on the right wrist speaks of the periods of pain experienced, aggression, fears of the singer, expresses her anger.

Amy Winehouse Tattoo On Right Wrist With Lightning

  1. Bird

A singing bird above the lightning is depicted on a branch and with notes from its beak. This bird shows a connection with music, an unshakable love for creativity, which is confirmed by the words Never Clipmy Wings (translated into Russian “Don’t cut off my wings”).

Amy Winehouse tattoo on her arm with a singing bird on a branch and notes from her beak

  1. Naked girl

The naked girl on the left shoulder expresses Amy’s eccentricity and recklessness.

Amy Winehouse tattoo on left shoulder with naked girl

  1. “Y”

The letter of the Latin alphabet “Y” at the place where the wedding ring should be, was made in honor of one of the guys whose name began with this letter.

  1. Pen

The feather, made fluffy, symbolizes the girl’s connection with her family, respect for them and their ancestors.

Amy Winehouse Tattoo On Arm With Feather

  1. Anchor

The anchor on the belly is made as a challenge. Such tattoos with the inscription Hello Sailor (translated from English “Hello, sailor”) were worn by prostitutes in ports.

Amy Winehouse Tattoo On Stomach With Anchor

  1. Eagle

The eagle was made after being banned from entering America.

  1. “Ankh”

Ankh is an Egyptian sign that symbolizes eternal life and continuation after death.

  1. Betty Boop character

The cartoon character Betty Boop on the buttock is the singer’s favorite character. It is she who is Amy’s role model.

  1. Girls

Amy Winehouse Tattoo On Shoulder With The Image Of Two Girls

Two tattoos of girls on the left shoulder are made in the style of the 50s, which are sympathetic to the girl. This image also shows her love for her grandmother through the Cynthia lettering.

Amy Winehouse’s tattoos reflected her inner world, her attitude to life and people, conveyed the events of her life that left traces in her soul.

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