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Tattoo lovers often follow a certain style. Their images are similar in meaning and appearance. The famous American singer, composer, writer and actress Katy Perry differs from the crowd of stars in her unpredictability. Her tattoos are striking in their inconsistency, they are unique and interesting.

Tattoo with the inscription on the chest of the singer Katy Perry

Often, one can only guess about the meaning of Katy Perry’s tattoos and their importance in the singer’s life, the stage star loves to keep intrigue and attract attention with extraordinary actions. She once embarrassed her fans by making a temporary tattoo with the words “Josh Grobin” on her chest (the name of a little-known singer at that time).

The meaning of tattoos

At the moment, there are five tattoos on the body of Katy Perry.

    1. Katy got her first tattoo after moving to Los Angeles on her left wrist. She was brought up in a believing family and believes that religion, a sense of faith inside helps in all difficulties. The word “Jesus” symbolizes her faith, it keeps her from choosing the wrong path in life.

On the left wrist, the word

    1. In 2009, the singer got two flirty ankle tattoos. On the right is a smiling candy, and on the left is a strawberry with a smile. The singer commented that the images are associated with a magical period of her life – the last 15 months. Judging by the time the tattoo appeared on her body, this can be attributed to the next stage of her creative career, the growth in popularity, but these are only assumptions.

Two strawberries on the singer's ankles

    1. On the inside of the right hand is the inscription “Anugacchati Pravahi”. The phrase is written in Sanskrit and translated into Russian encourages to go with the flow. The same tattoo was done by her husband (at the time) Russell Brand.

The inscription on the singer's finger

    1. On the wrist of the right hand there is a small image of a lotus. This oriental symbol brings love, prosperity and beauty to life.

On the wrist of the right hand, a small image of a lotus

    1. The last tattoo, which the singer has not yet commented on, was the image of the “Hallo Kitty” badge on the inside of the middle finger of her right hand.

image of the

Knowing the singer’s sense of humor and eccentricity, one can expect another unusual tattoos.

Katy Perry's tattoos

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