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Lena Headey’s tattoos

To some extent, tattoos become a drug for their owner. There is a desire to make new images. Lena Headey, a popular British film actress, admits that she cannot walk past a tattoo parlor with a calm heart. Her love for body images is a problem for make-up artists.


Each illustration on the body carries a deep semantic load for the actress, reveals the secret corners of her soul.

    • Lina Headey’s first tattoo was the name “Jason” on her wrist, made in Thai. The inscription is dedicated to actor Jason Fleming, whom they met in 1994 on the set of The Jungle Book. Their relationship lasted 9 years. At the moment, the inscription is disguised with a new image of a bird.

Lina Headey's tattoo of the name Lena Headey with a tattoo on her wrist and shoulderButterflies tattoo on Lina's shoulderLena Headey with tattoos on both arms

Lina has a large colorful lotus on her back and butterflies on her shoulder.Lina with many tattoos all over her back

    • Lina’s back is covered with a colorful large-scale image that includes lotuses, peonies, swallows. This color tattoo took about 7 hours to apply.

Tattoos in the form of a lotus, a bird, flowers on the back of Lina Headey

    • On the right shoulder there is a bright, gentle and ornate image of butterflies.

On the right shoulder there is an image of butterflies

    • On the inside of the right hand there is an illustration of an open cage with birds flying out.
    • A small swallow in flight is depicted behind the right ear.

A small swallow in flight is shown behind Lina Headey's right ear

    • On the back of the left foot is a drawing of a bird.

On the back of her left foot, Lina has a bird tattoo

    • On the left side along the ribs there is an inscription, the meaning of which is unknown.

Lena Headey has a tattoo on her left side along the ribs with the inscription

Lina Headey’s tattoos reflect her creative nature, brightness, cheerfulness. Love for feathered and open doors speaks of the desire for freedom and independence, reflects the flight of the soul, inspiration. The presence of oriental symbols (lotus, yin-yang) reflects the actress’s passion for yoga and oriental philosophy.

Lina comments that the love of body art is not only about the end result. The process gives her no less pleasure, in the salon she can relax, concentrate, collect scattered thoughts, meditate.

Among the fans of the actress, there is still debate about the real number of tattoos the actress has, their location and meaning.

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