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When choosing a tattoo, each person thinks not only about an attractive and unique look, but also puts his own meaning into it. Someone believes that the image on the body will change their life, and someone makes a tattoo in honor of significant life events and people. Not spared the fashionable trend of the actress of the TV series “Twilight” Nikki Reed.

Now very often you can find various inscriptions on the body. Most often they use English, Chinese, Latin. The actress distinguished herself and got tattoos in Russian. For an American star, they look unique and no less elegant. The actress chooses a simple and uncomplicated style for the inscriptions.

    1. Nikki Reed got her first tattoo during a hot and exciting romance with Russian actor Pavel Priluchny. Their relationship was not prevented by the lack of knowledge of languages ​​and long distance. The movie star’s inscription with the name of her lover on her wrist was a surprise. She checked the correctness of the spelling with a young man. After the breakup, Nikki Reed got a tattoo “Priluchny”.

Nikki Reed and her lettering tattoo on the wrist

    1. The inscription on the right side is also in Russian and reads “There must be something more.” The meaning of the words is clear, besides feelings, there must be something else that will bond and bind people, regardless of any distance.

The inscription on the right side is in Russian and reads

    1. On the ring finger of the star there is an inscription with the name of the new lover and husband Paul MacDonald. His name is already written in English – “Paul”.

On the ring finger of the star there is an inscription with the name of the husband

At the moment, the actress has a new romance and fans are wondering whether a new tattoo with the name of another partner will appear on Nikki Reed’s body, or whether a bad experience taught the star to choose other images that will not have to be reduced.

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