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Tattoo by Stas Starovoitov

Stas Starovoitov is an amazing comedian and ideal family man. Participation in the show “Stand Up” gave him fame and a large number of fans. It is known that Stas did some of the tattoos at the Texture salon in his hometown.

Stas Starovoitov expressed his opinion about tattoos in one of the monologues. The comedian is well aware of the negative attitude of parents towards the images on the bodies of their children. All illustrations on the body of the humorist himself are made solely for beauty and do not carry any deep meaning. Stas fundamentally believes that this art is primarily created for decoration.

Photo stuffing tattoo on a man's hand

It is difficult to find out about all the images on the idol’s body when he does not comment on them at all. Photos by Stas Starovoitov show the constant addition of tattoos on his arms.

    1. On the right hand there is the inscription Rock-n-rolls.

Stas Starovoitov's tattoo on the arm

    1. Also, the right hand is decorated with a large-scale composition containing an image of stars and a microphone.

Stas Starovoitov's tattoo on sleeves

    1. On the left hand there is a colorful image resembling a dragon.

Sleeve tattoo in man's color

    1. A lotus flower of bright red color looks colorful and unique.

Photo of tattooing in color

Stas Starovoitov’s tattoos cover his arms entirely and are made in color. Judging by them, the humorist prefers bright colors.

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