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The meaning of Megan Fox’s tattoos

A lot of images and quotes already flaunt on the body of the Hollywood star. They attract attention no less than the external beauty of the actress. In terms of the number of tattoos, Megan Fox is already approaching the well-known Angelina Jolie. However, for Megan, any symbol applied to the body matters. They highlight the stages of an actress’s life. It could be a new role, an important moment, or something related to creativity… According to Megan Fox, tattoos are more important to her than celebrity status. Therefore, at any moment she is ready to reject the proposal of the producers, but she will never bring the tattoo down.

The most memorable Megan Fox tattoo, the photo of which is presented below, is a phrase written in the style of an old English letter.

Megan Fox tattoo on the left side in the style of old English writing with a quote from Shakespeare

The inscriptions are located on the left side and are visible only after the actress raises her hand. Translated, Megan Fox’s tattoo on the ribs means: “Once upon a time there was a little girl, and she did not know love until her heart was broken by a boy.” This is a quote from Shakespeare, altered by the actress herself.

The most popular Megan Fox tattoo, a photo of which often flashes in glossy magazines, is a Shakespeare quote on the right shoulder blade of a celebrity.

Megan Fox tattoo on right shoulder blade with Shakespeare quote

The inscription is taken from the scene where King Lear pronounces it over the body of his daughter. The phrase is translated as follows: “We will always laugh at the golden butterflies.”

The Yin-Yang symbol is visible on the left wrist. His task is to convey to those around the actress’s faith in the continuous connection of the masculine and feminine. From a distant distance, the tattoo looks like a spot, since it is made in one color.

Megan Fox tattoo on the left wrist with the image of the Yin Yang symbol

On the back of the neck there is a Chinese character for “strength”. The symbol carries a broad concept, which also includes energy, vigor and fortitude of the soul. The hieroglyph covers the hair, so you can see it only at the request of the celebrity herself. The deep meaning of the symbol emphasizes Meghan’s character traits.

Megan Fox tattoo on the neck with the image of the Chinese character with the meaning of strength

The only color pattern is a star with a crescent moon on the right ankle. This Megan Fox tattoo and its meaning remain a mystery to all fans of the actress. The celebrity herself does not comment on Islamic symbolism.

Megan Fox tattoo on right ankle with flower and moon in color

Megan decided to hide one tattoo on purpose. Her favorite boyfriend’s name is Brian. It is located in the lower right part of the abdomen and you can see the inscription only in frank photo sessions.

Megan Fox tattoo on the lower abdomen with the name of the guy

On the opposite side from Shakespeare’s quote is Nietzsche’s dictum. On the right side there is a text that can be translated as: “The dancers seemed crazy to the one who could not hear the music.” There is very little information about this tattoo, so it is impossible to say exactly what it means to Megan.

Megan Fox tattoo on the right side with a quote from Nietzsche

And finally, the most noticeable and unusual tattoo is the portrait of Marilyn Monroe (Photo 3). The image was applied long ago, as a token of memory of the great, for Megan, actress. It is located on the right hand and is gradually reduced by laser surgery. In one of her interviews, the celebrity explained the decision to get the tattoo: “Marilyn was an unbalanced and negative person who suffered from bipolarity. I would not like to involve such energy in my life. “

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