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What is the difference between a woman’s tattoo and a man’s

Differences between male and female tattoos. As known, tattoos are one of the ways to express yourself and stand out from the crowd, such drawings are of great interest to both women and men, but few people know how women’s tattoos really differ from men’s tattoos. So, let’s go in order

Nowadays, there are a lot of sketches of tattoos, each person can choose something special for themselves, based on their taste and character. As a rule, women and men choose different tattoos, the difference is that the fair half prefer more sophisticated tattoos, with smoother lines, different symbolism and meaning.

Women’s tattoos are smaller in size than men’s tattoos, women’s tattoos should not look aggressive and more aesthetically pleasing.

Men get tattoos not only for beauty, but also in order to emphasize their importance, and girls get tattoos in order to emphasize their sexuality.

In most cases girls choose tattoos that will emphasize their tenderness, harmony, beauty, love, affection. For this, girls fill for example: patterns, flowers, small inscriptions, butterflies, cats, birds.
For men, the opposite is true, they choose tattoos that will emphasize their courage, strength, boldness, stamina. Such tattoos include, for example: a bear, a raven, a wolf, a dragon.
Women’s tattoos are most often colored, black and white tattoos are more common on men, as they emphasize the muscles best.

Place for future tattoo is also different. Most Popular places for drawing a picture for girls – this is wrists, ribs, lateral part of the foot, thighsIn menthis is the back, shoulders, forearm. Despite these differences, there are tattoos. unisexsuitable for both men and women.

Latin inscriptions are considered unisex tattoos., the main thing before applying such a tattoo is to know its meaning.
The “common” tattoos include such drawings as: playing cards, signs of the zodiac, animals, various crosses, geometry.

As you can see, there are many choices and options, the main thing is to decide what exactly you want to emphasize in your image and then you will understand which tattoo is right for you, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

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