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Why did they apply / stuffed a tattoo before

Why did they apply / stuffed a tattoo before. Tattoo – This is a pattern on the human body, which is applied by injecting paint / dye under the skin, with a needle or other sharp object.

It is very difficult to establish the exact date of the origin of tattoos, but it is known for sure that the history of tattoos is at least 60 thousand years old. As you can understand, people began to decorate their bodies a long time ago. In different periods of time, the tattoo had its own special purpose.

It used to be believed that a tattoo could protect against evil spirits or was a kind of insignia, could serve as a disguise

A lot could be said from a tattoo, for example: what tribe the person belongs to, is the woman married, does she have children, if so, how many, and the tattoo could also speak of certain skills or abilities. Tattoo, like clothing, spoke of wealth and success. Constant clashes with neighboring tribes ended in severe wounds of the hunters, after a while they turned into scars that adorned the man, but after a while the scars were replaced by tattoos in the form of patterns. There is also an opinion that the patterns were stuffed to protect themselves from evil spirits, and not just for beauty.

Geographic distribution of tattoo

Tattoos appeared in Oceania, Australia and South America.
As a rule, black symbols and flowers were applied to the white skin of a person, and tattoos were not applied to dark skin, but scars were made, which also served as decoration.
Previously, tattoos began to be applied from the age of 11, so that in adulthood the child was happy, and also protected from the evil eye and evil spirits.

How were tattoos applied / stuffed before?

Previously, tattoos were applied using a special bamboo shelf., which was split, dipped in cactus juice and soot. Next, they drew the desired pattern with this stick, after which they took another stick, into which the shark’s teeth were inserted, and began to drive the pattern under the skin. Also, tattoos could be done thanks to special incisions in the skin, into which soot was rubbed.

Why else did they get tattoos?

A tattoo did not always mean something good, it was not always a sign of courage and bravery, sometimes it meant shame or punishment.
For instance, in Japan, a tattoo was stuffed for those who broke the law, and in China, a tattoo was considered a punishment… Slaves and deserters were marked with tattoos, and sailors in England (approximately in the 18th-19th centuries) stuffed tattoos as amulets or so-called talismans, which were supposed to protect them from physical or corporal punishment, mainly quotes or crucifixes were chosen as images.

Ban on tattoos

Christianity was very negative about both paganism and pagan wearable designs. Tattooing was considered a stigma, and the process of drawing itself was barbaric. Tattoos were banned until the 18th century, after which tattooing was banned. Only in the XX century, tattoos began to return to our lives.

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