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Are vein tattoos a bad idea? Dangerous?

Tattoo on veins… There are areas on our body where veins are located very close to the surface of the skin. Naturally, this raises the question: Is it possible to beat tattoo on veins? Let’s figure it out.

Even the most visible veins are located much deeper than the maximum or minimum distance to the dye / pigment injection. This means that with proper application and adherence to all technologies, it will be impossible to reach the vein. Modern equipment in the salons allows you to apply a tattoo absolutely safely even where the veins are very clearly visible. But this applies to experienced craftsmen, if an inexperienced craftsman takes up the work, then there is a high probability that not only the veins will be affected, but some complications will also arise.

The most popular place for tattoos is the wrist, where the veins are most noticeable. Again, when applied correctly, there will be no bleeding. But there is one drawback, a tattoo made in this place very quickly loses its color and outline.

Another important question about tattoos on veins

Is it possible to get a tattoo for varicose veins?

This issue requires consultation with a doctor, because varicose veins are varicose veins, a disease that needs to be treated. That is why, before applying a tattoo, you should undergo treatment and only then get a tattoo. Do not worry, the doctor will select the right treatment for you, which will help you fulfill your dream in the future.

And which sketch of a tattoo to choose on the veins?

It all depends on your imagination, there are no restrictions. The main thing is that you like the drawing. But try to apply not too large-scale tattoos, miniature tattoos look more impressive on the veins.

Now you will be sure that a tattoo on the veins cannot harm you in any way, again if the tattoo is made by an experienced master, in a good tattoo parlor. Remember also that masking diseases with a tattoo is not the best idea, because it is much better to get a tattoo on healthy skin and a healthy body.

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