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People have different attitudes towards tattoos, someone is categorically against it, does not want to test the body and leave marks on it, while someone is a fan of this art and uses the body as a canvas on which the master creates. Images are chosen for a reason, they have meaning for the owner, are associated with events, people, impressions, and the inner world. The famous actor Tom Hardy has more than 20 tattoos on his body, reminding him of the path traveled, mistakes made and warning against returning to the past.

Despite the opinion of many, the images on the body do not in the least interfere with Tom’s acting career, and in some films, on the contrary, additional drawings have to be completed. All Tom Hardy’s tattoos complement him, tell about personality, reveal the inner world.


At the age of 15, Tom got his first tattoo. The image of a mythical creature from Irish folklore symbolizes the connection with the roots on the maternal line. His mother was an Irish Catholic and worked as an artist. Leprekon symbolizes good luck, success in financial affairs.

On Tom's right arm a tattoo with a leprechaun

Phrase on the left side of the abdomen

In honor of his first wife, Tom made an inscription made on the press cubes “Till I die SW” (translated into Russian “Until the death of Sarah Ward”). Their marriage lasted five years.

Tom Hardy with tattoos on his chest and arms

Dragon image

A large dragon is depicted on the hidden part of the left shoulder. This Tom Hardy tattoo is dedicated to Sarah. Her birth year is Dragon according to the Eastern calendar. In addition, the image of this fire-breathing oriental mythological animal symbolizes power and strength. Bared teeth add aggressiveness.

Dragon on Tom's left shoulder

Letter W

On the inside of the right hand there is a small letter “W”. The exact meaning of the tattoo is unknown. There is an assumption that she is also dedicated to her first wife, it is with this letter that her surname begins.

Celtic pattern

A Celtic pattern is depicted on the right hand around the leprechaun. Such designs are very popular among tattoo lovers, as they suit any gender and age. The purpose of the image was to hide the previous tattoo and complement the image of the mythical creature. Made in green to symbolize Ireland.

A Celtic pattern is depicted on the right hand around the leprechaun

Name Lindy King

Under the dragon pattern Tom Hardy got the “Lindy King” tattoo – this is the name of his agent, with whom they worked for many years. The tattoo is stuffed as a fulfillment of a promise: there was a condition that if she breaks his window into Hollywood, then he will fill her name.


Tom Hardy’s photo shows a scorpion tattoo on the back. The scorpion has many meanings, both positive and negative. It symbolizes devotion, justice, courage, passion, death, duality, betrayal, is the patron saint of dead souls. This is just a short list of many of its meanings. What exactly connects Tom with the animal is unknown. The image was one of the first on the body of the star.

Tom Hardy has a scorpion tattoo on his back


Tom Hardy’s chest depicts two masks with different facial expressions, which are popular among people in creative professions. They are accompanied by the words “Smile Now Cry Later” (translated into Russian “Laugh now – cry later”).

Tom Hardy's chest features two masks with different facial expressions

The numbers

Above the masks in Tom Hardy’s photo, you can see a tattoo of a number. The numbers repeat the number of the military badge of his dad’s friend from the army, who was the coach of the actor, Patrick Monroe.

Number tattoo

Star and portrait

The novel of the actor and Rachel Speed ​​gave him a son, Louis. Tom dedicated the star and the image of the Virgin Mary on the shoulder of his left hand first of all to his child when he learned about the pregnancy of his beloved. Also, the tattoo symbolizes the rebirth of Tom himself.

Tom's Star and the Image of the Virgin Mary on the Left Shoulder

Lettering dedicated to the child

Tom Hardy has dedicated some tattoos to his first child. On the neck there is a phrase in Spanish “Padre Fiero” (translated into Russian “Father’s pride”), and on the right shoulder “Figlio mio bellissimo” (translated into Russian “My fairest son”).

On the neck, the phrase in Spanish On the right shoulder the phrase

The initials of the son “LH” are tattooed on the left hand next to the picture.

Son's initials

Portrait of a son

In the arms of the Virgin Mary, Tom Hardy filled an image of Louis with the date of his birth “848” (Louis was born on April 8, 2008).

In the arms of the virgin Mariimalchik with the date of his birth

Abstract drawing

Starting from the left hand, a volumetric tattoo resembling corner symbols or an inscription goes to the back. The drawing looks impressive and aggressive, its meaning is not fully known.

Volumetric tattoo resembling corner symbols or inscription

Patriotic tattoos

The British star anxiously loves his homeland and London. His body has a panoramic view of this city and the flag of Britain. The tattoo was done by Brian Glatiotis, a famous artist among the stars.

Tattoo in the form of London and British flan


Above the W tattoo on the right triceps is a feather with the word “Scribe”. Tom Hardy’s tattooed good friend Kelly Marcell, who is a screenwriter, and played in the production of The Long Red Road in Chicago five years ago.

on the right triceps a feather with the word


A small cross tattoo is visible next to the Celtic pattern in Tom Hardy’s photo. The meaning of the picture is not known for certain. It can be assumed that this is a symbol of faith. Tom Hardy got a tattoo after filming the movie “Warrior”.

small cross tattoo

Portrait of Charlotte

In 2009, Tom Hardy met Charlotte Riley. Their romance lasted for several years and ended with a wedding in 2014. To mark the feelings for his beloved, the Briton tattooed her portrait on the left side of the torso. In the image, Charlotte hovers over the city with her eyes closed. The tattoo was stuffed five years ago while working on the set of the film “This Means War”.

Portrait of the wife on the left side of the torso

Charlotte’s name

The name of his beloved Tom stuffed on his neck also five years ago on the set in Vancouver.

Tom's name on his neck


Hardy’s chest features a black raven with a paler bat inside it. This drawing is dedicated to two films that brought him universal love and popularity: “Mad Max” and “The Dark Knight: The Legend Rises.” The tattoo was made three years ago.

On Hardy's chest a black raven

Lettering “II O&R”

Three years ago, a small inscription appeared inside the Celtic drawing, which stands for “To Observe and Reflect” (translated into Russian “Observe and think”). The actor adheres to this motto, according to him.

Inside the Celtic pattern, there is a small inscription

Dog face

On the left side of the back two years ago, the actor made a large-scale tattoo of a pit bull’s face. Tom loves dogs, his dog Max died shortly before that. The exact meaning is still unknown.

On the left side of the back, a large-scale tattoo of a pit bull's face

In 2013, the actor took part in a photo shoot for Greg Williams. The photo clearly shows Tom Hardy’s tattoos. It is noticeable that not only the dog’s face appeared on the back, the portrait of Charlotte was supplemented with the image and inscription of an angel.

Tattoos on the back and arm of Tom Hardy

This year, the star made several more tattoos: the image of a wolf’s face, a crow and a heart. From his comments it is known that the heart symbolizes an open soul, a raven, wisdom, intelligence, and a wolf, devotion, savagery.

Creating a wolf face tattoo

Tom Hardy has noticed more than once that drawings on the body are not just a hobby, it is a map of his life with all the events and impressions. Every little thing is of great importance to him and symbolizes a certain stage.

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